Every great journey
       begins with an idea...

Every brand has a story, and every idea, whether a fleeting thought or a deep-rooted dream, deserves to be turned into reality. At u.now, we help you tell that story and shape your ideas into clear, tangible visions.

With our deep-rooted passion for film and an eye for design, we bring your vision to life. From the initial concept to the final realization, we are at your side.

Our expertise covers everything from Branding, UI/UX Design, Webdevelopment, Motiondesign, Film production up to the Product visualization in 3D. But we go even further: we make sure that your brand is in the spotlight through targeted online marketing and social media strategies.

And the best thing? We love what we do.

With a dedicated team of designers, strategists and creatives, we combine passion and expertise to make your brand shine. Let's work together and make your brand an unforgettable experience.

On the road
to the stars!

u.now is a call to action. A call to act now, to realize your dreams and to break new ground with us. Our roots lie in film and storytelling, our passion in design and our expertise in the digital world. Let's create great things together. Whether you're a tech startup, spirits producer, artist, consultant, restaurateur or simply someone with a vision - we have the solutions you need.

Branding & Design

More than just a logo.
We create brand experiences.

Web & App Development

Modern solutions for the digital world.
From websites to customized apps.


Designing digital marketplaces.
From the setup to the individual store solution.

Film & video production

Your story.
From commercials to feature films.

Product visualization & photography

Show your product in the best light.
Product photos and 3D visualizations.

Online marketing & social media

Show your product in the best light.
Product photos and 3D visualizations.

From zero to brand:

Your spirit in the spotlight

You have created a unique spirit, be it gin, rum, vodka or another fine distillate. But how do you get it into the hands of connoisseurs, bartenders and gourmets? 

At 'u.now media' we not only understand the art of distilling, but also how to turn a spirit into a desirable brand. We create branding that tells your story, websites that showcase your product and marketing strategies that promote your spirit to bars, restaurants and retailers. Let's make your spirit a star together.