Weinladen24.com - Branding

Weinladen24.com - Branding

For Weinladen24.com, an exclusive online shop for selected wines, a distinctive branding and logo design was developed that perfectly reflects the identity and character of the brand.

The Weinladen24.com logo is a creative combination of typography and symbolism. It consists of the lettering "Weinladen24.com", with the "i" replaced by a large wine glass. This detail gives the logo a unique touch and makes it immediately recognizable.

The wine glass is not just a simple glass. It is designed in a dynamic curve that symbolizes movement and elegance. The magenta-colored wine in the glass not only reflects the accent color of the company, but also stands for the passion and expertise with which Weinladen24.com selects and presents its wines.

The branding of Weinladen24.com goes beyond the logo. It creates a coherent and consistent brand identity that is reflected in all aspects of the company. The choice of magenta as the main color is bold and modern and clearly sets it apart from traditional wine retailers. It conveys a fresh, contemporary yet sophisticated feel that fits perfectly with online retail for selected wines.