The Spy Gin - Redesign

The Spy Gin - Redesign

In the dynamic world of spirits, a distinctive logo is essential to stand out from the crowd. For "The Spy" London Dry Gin, we took up this challenge and reinterpreted the existing logo.

The original spy face, a characteristic feature of the brand, was retained to ensure continuity and respect for the history of the product. But our vision went beyond that: we embedded the face in a modern design surrounded by ornaments that exudes both elegance and mystery. The fine lines and curves of the ornaments give the logo a timeless aesthetic, while the central spy face captures attention and arouses curiosity.

The color palette, consisting of deep dark blue and almost black, conveys depth and mystery, in keeping with the "spy" theme. The modern lettering "The Spy" provides an interesting contrast to the classic elements and rounds off the overall design.

With this redesign, we have created a logo that not only strengthens the identity of "The Spy", but also sends a clear message to the consumer: A product of quality, history and character.

Spy Gin