The SPY Gin - Label Redesign

The SPY Gin - Label Redesign

In our redesign of "The Spy" London Dry Gin, we didn't just limit ourselves to designing a new label, but redefined the entire appearance of the bottle. Our vision was to capture the essence of The Spy - mysterious, elegant yet bold - in every detail of the bottle and label.

The name "The Spy" and the claim "I am the spy" draw on Aalen's rich history. A legend tells of a spy who protected the town from imperial troops. If you look up to the town hall tower in Aalen, you will see the head of this mischievous hero. When Aalen was threatened by Napoleon's army, the inhabitants sent their shrewdest citizen into the enemy camp. His cheeky nature amused the emperor so much that he broke off the siege. This heritage inspired our design, which stands out both visually and in its message.

The bottle itself has been carefully selected to bridge the gap between past and present. Its nostalgic shape, reminiscent of Napoleonic times, conveys a sense of history and heritage. This bottle is not just a container for the gin, but also tells a story of times when mystery and intrigue were the order of the day.

The label we designed is a work of art in itself. The dark blue, almost black background creates a deep and mysterious atmosphere, which is enhanced by the "shabby chic" style. The central element, the face of the spy, has been taken from the original design but presented in a new light. Surrounded by elegant ornaments, the spy is presented not only as an observer but also as an object of art. The modern lettering "The Spy" contrasts with the classic elements and gives the design a contemporary touch.

Every detail, from the shape of the bottle to the placement of the logo, has been carefully thought through to tell a story and invite the consumer into the world of the Spy. With this redesign, we have not only created a drink, but also an experience that appeals to the senses and stimulates the imagination.

Spy Gin
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