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The Marionettes

The Marionettes

In 2008, under the bright Los Angeles sun, we had the privilege of meeting up-and-coming director Matthew Mishory. He told us about a project that was not only artistically, but also politically and socially relevant. We were immediately excited and knew that we wanted to be part of this project.

Our collaboration with Matthew and his talented team was an experience we will never forget. We had the honor of helping with the production and contributing our expertise in editing, color correction and credits.

"The Marionettes" was created in response to the passage of Proposition 8 in 2008, a law that reversed marriage equality in the state. The company Iconoclastic produced a short film that uses puppets and miniatures to refute the idea that equal rights would harm children.

The film, directed by Matthew Mishory and produced by Edward Singletary, Jr. is both a political promo piece and a movie in its own right. In "The Marionettes", director Matthew Mishory and artist Samuel Perone have teamed up to deliver a creative artistic response to the right-wing claim that marriage equality harms children. With stunning puppets, detailed miniatures and painterly lighting, the film tells the story of a little girl puppet show and a fantasy world where objects come to life and parental disapproval casts an unsightly shadow.

We firmly believe that "The Marionettes" is a perfect fit for your upcoming festival given the current political and social climate following the passage of Prop 8 in California. It's a movie that not only entertains, but is thought-provoking and delivers an important message about love, acceptance and equality.


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