Sternwald Group - Branding

Sternwald Group - Branding

Our collaboration with Sternwald began with a deep understanding of the company, its vision and its target audience. Sternwald, inspired by the name of a forest in Freiburg that the founders admired, captures the imagination and conveys a sense of growth and renewal. The branding needed to reflect Sternwald's core values: Innovation, professionalism and constant updating. Through intensive workshops and brainstorming sessions, we developed a branding concept that is both contemporary and future-proof.

The corporate identity for Sternwald was developed to ensure consistency and recognizability in all areas of the company. The logo, the centerpiece of this identity, combines modern lettering with an iconic pyramid symbol. This symbol, often used in management consultancies, is reminiscent of a tree and reflects both the name "Sternwald" and the idea of constant growth and renewal. The selected colors and typography complement the logo and ensure a coherent and effective communication of the brand message.

Sternwald stands as a symbol for a bridge between tradition and modernity, between the natural inspiration of a forest and the structured world of management consultancy. It represents a company that is firmly anchored in its roots but is always reaching for the stars.