Consulting, Publishing


For the Sternwald Group, which specializes in the provision of publication concepts and their technical implementation, we have realized a holistic branding. Sternwald is at the center of the digital transformation and supports media companies and publishers with the associated challenges.

Our collaboration with Sternwald involved the development of their overall branding and corporate identity (CI). This included creating a distinctive logo, selecting corporate colors and creating design guidelines that reflect Sternwald's identity and vision.

A central element of our collaboration was the design and implementation of their website. Considering the target group and the market in which Sternwald operates, we opted for a design that is both modern and user-friendly. The result is a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and intuitive to use.

Of particular note is the design and feel of the website, which we made colorful and eye-catching specifically for the market in which Sternwald operates. This reflects the dynamism and innovation of Sternwald and ensures an unforgettable user experience.

In conclusion, we are proud to say that our collaboration with Sternwald has resulted in a successful and impressive project that has taken Sternwald's digital presence to a new level.

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