State Winery Freiburg

State Winery Freiburg

The Staatsweingut Freiburg, located in picturesque Freiburg, is not only a winery, but also an institution that combines tradition, science and passion for viticulture. Since its foundation, it has made a name for itself by combining living science, historic sites and decades of experience to produce wines of incomparable quality and uniqueness.

Challenge: The main task was to integrate the rich history and classic branding of Staatsweingut into a modern e-commerce experience. It was crucial to find a balance between the traditional heritage and the requirements of a contemporary online store. The design needed to appeal to the older generation of wine connoisseurs as well as younger wine lovers looking for a seamless online shopping experience.

Solution: We developed a design that reflects the elegance and tradition of the winery, complemented by modern design elements that make the store user-friendly and appealing. By using warm color tones, high-quality images and clear typography, we were able to capture the essence of Staatsweingut. The intuitive navigation and structured product display make it easier for customers to browse and make a purchase. Particular attention was paid to the presentation of the wines, with detailed descriptions and tasting notes to help customers make their selection.

In addition, we have integrated features that enhance the shopping experience, such as personalized wine recommendations and interactive elements that tell the story and process behind each wine.

Result: The result is an online store that combines the tradition and expertise of Staatswein Freiburg with the requirements and expectations of modern e-commerce. The feedback from customers and stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive, and the sales figures reflect the success of the redesign.

State Winery Freiburg
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