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Robots Don`t Sleep - Little White Lies (Robot Koch)
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Robots Don`t Sleep - Little White Lies (Robot Koch)

When we were given the opportunity to produce and post-produce the "Little White Lies" music video for Robot Koch, we knew it was going to be a special challenge. Robot Koch, whose music can be heard in popular TV shows like "Pretty Little Liars", "Lucifer" and "Dark", has a unique sound that deserves an equally unique visual representation.

The video is characterized by its surreal look, which was achieved through intensive post-production and the targeted use of VFX. Each scene was carefully reworked to create the desired atmosphere and depth. Inspired by the "Invisible Empire" photo series, we created characters and scenes that transport the viewer into another world.

A particular highlight of the project was working with our lead actress. Her impressive acrobatic skills, combined with her acting talent, added an extra dimension to the video.

The video's color scheme, which mainly uses shades of blue, was deliberately chosen to create a cool, almost dreamlike effect. This, combined with the true black and white look, gives the video an unmistakable indie film character.

Overall, our work on "Little White Lies" was an experience that demonstrated our commitment to creative excellence and our passion for storytelling.

Pol Ponsarnau