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REA Garvey - I can't Stand The Silence
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REA Garvey - I can't Stand The Silence

The music video "I Can't Stand The Silence" by REA Garvey is one of many works that we have done together with Molly Aida and director Gregor Erler over the years. Our task was to take over the complete post-production of this project. Working closely with Molly Aida, we focused on creating a dynamic edit, striking color correction and overlay effects. Precise editing is crucial to perfectly convey the emotion and rhythm of a music video. It creates the flow that guides the viewer through the video and reinforces the musical message. An extraordinary look, characterized by color correction and effects, gives the video its unique atmosphere and identity. We added our own creative touch to ensure that the final product is not only technically convincing, but also artistically. The result is a visually stunning music video that impressively showcases REA Garvey's musical message.

Molly Aida