Protectoria & PGI - Branding

Protectoria & PGI - Branding

Protectoria, a digital security and identity management company, commissioned us to develop their brand identity. The result is a coherent branding that reflects the company's technological expertise and security promise.

Our work aimed to convey Protectoria's core values in a clear and consistent brand message. We created a corporate identity that is consistent across all media and touch points of the company, from the website to printed materials.

The central element of our design work was the logo, which represents a diamond. This diamond, which we named "GEM", symbolizes the robustness and reliability of Protectoria's services. At the same time, it stands for the uniqueness and value that the company offers in the digital security landscape. The clear and modern design of the logo is intended to emphasize Protectoria's technological focus and innovative spirit.

2019, 2023