For the Norwegian tech company Protectoria, we carried out a comprehensive branding exercise. This included the development of their branding, corporate identity (CI), image videos and finally the implementation of their website.

Protectoria is a company that specializes in developing and operating a secure cloud-based infrastructure that manages digital identities based on a decentralized architecture using Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and blockchain technology. Given the complexity and depth of their services, our challenge was to design a website that presents these complex topics in a clear and understandable way for outsiders, especially decision-makers and investors.

The design of the website is clear and structured, with a focus on making the multi-layered aspects of digital identity management and transaction security accessible to a wider audience. Of particular note is how we have presented the technical aspects of Protectoria's services in a way that is understandable to both tech-savvy and less tech-savvy individuals.

Through our collaboration with Protectoria, we were able to create a digital presence that effectively positions the company in the digital space while highlighting the importance and value of their services to potential clients and investors.

Web design