POP frontal is a renowned event and concert website that has been in existence since 2001. Over the years, the music landscape has constantly changed, and with it the requirements for a modern, user-friendly website. Our goal was to modernize this traditional platform without losing its characteristic charm.

POP frontal's original website was a reflection of the early 2000s - functional, but not necessarily in line with today's design standards. Our main task was to create a fresh and modern design that would be appealing to both desktop and mobile users, while retaining the site's extensive information and functionality.

We carried out a complete redesign of the website, placing particular emphasis on user-friendliness and responsiveness. The clear structure allows users to quickly and easily search for concerts, buy tickets or find out about the latest music news. The new design reflects the dynamic and vibrant world of music, with vivid colors and flowing animations that guide users through the site.

The redesign of POP frontal has brought the website into the modern age without forgetting its roots. User numbers and engagement have increased since the relaunch, confirming the positive feedback from our target audience. With an improved user interface, optimized search functions and an appealing visual design, POP frontal is now better equipped than ever to inform music lovers about upcoming events and provide them with the latest news from the music world.

POP Frontal
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