Planetary Systems

Planetary Systems

When redesigning the website for Planetary Systems, we focused on creating a clear and engaging digital experience. A standout feature of the design is the isometric illustrations that visualize the service provided by Planetary Systems and office.one. These illustrations not only provide visual appeal, but also make it easier for visitors to understand the company's core offerings and services.

The color choice, a soft light blue complemented by a subtle hint of petrol, serves as a backdrop that highlights the isometric illustrations while creating a calming atmosphere. This combination of color and design allows the forward-thinking nature of Planetary Systems to be presented in a modern and accessible way.

The website is not only visually appealing, but also functional and user-friendly. It adapts to different devices and offers users an intuitive browsing experience. By integrating the isometric illustrations, we have created a platform that communicates Planetary Systems' values and services in a unique and understandable way.

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