When designing the logo for Office.one, we were inspired by the duality and versatility of the modern working world. The result? A logo that is both subtle and powerful.

At the center of our design is a striking "O" that is more than just a letter. The bent top right-hand corner transforms the "O" into a sheet of paper - a symbol of documentation, work and creativity. But that's not all: viewed from a distance, the design takes on the shape of an eye that looks out into the world, alert and forward-looking.

Black and purple were not simply chosen - they were felt. Black, the solid foundation that stands for consistency and class. Purple, on the other hand, sparkles with energy, brings out the spirit of innovation and lets the logo shine in a new light.
White as the main color of the logo is like a ray of light making its way through the colored background. It not only provides an aha moment for the viewer, but also emphasizes the purity and precision of our design.

With this logo, we have created a visual statement that perfectly reflects the modern, innovative and clear orientation of Office.one.
It tells a story of innovation, clarity and the constant evolution of the world of work.

Planetary Group