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ideate ID

When developing the branding for ideate ID, we dove deep into the company's vision and mission to create a brand identity that is authentic and meaningful in every element.

Color palette: Why yellow-orange?
The choice of yellow-orange for ideate ID's branding was no coincidence. This color radiates optimism, warmth and energy - qualities that are at the heart of ideate ID. Yellow-orange also stands for creativity and innovation, two key elements in the world of digital identity. In addition, this color combination conveys a sense of security and trust, two essential aspects that are paramount in the digital identity industry. The colors are reminiscent of the rising of a sun, the beginning of a new day and the dawn of a new era. It symbolizes constant progress and the evolution of ideas and solutions. This color choice is not only intended to attract attention, but also to strengthen customers' trust and confidence in ideate ID's services.

Logo: The sine curve
The ideate ID logo, which represents part of the sine curve, is a tribute to the mathematical expertise of the managing director, Ulrike Linde. It symbolizes precision, clarity and the seamless connection between mathematics and digital identity. This carefully crafted symbol serves as a bridge between Ulrike's deep mathematical background and the world of digital identities.

Claim: "designing identities"
With the claim "designing identities", we emphasize the core competence of ideate ID. It's not just about creating digital identities, but also about customizing them to meet the needs of each client. This claim emphasizes ideate ID's individuality and tailor-made approach in a dynamic digital environment.

ideate ID's branding is a visual experience that tells a story of expertise, innovation and customized solution development. It was a pleasure to work alongside ideate ID and bring their vision to life through thoughtful and impactful branding.

ideate ID