When designing the web for ideate ID, we focused on seamlessly integrating the company's brand identity into its digital presence. Here are the key elements and considerations that went into the design:

Coloring in web design:
The dominant color of the branding, yellow-orange, was integrated extensively into the web design. This color not only radiates optimism, warmth and energy, but also security and trust. It is reminiscent of the rising of a sun, symbolic of the start of a new day or a new age, which is perfectly suited to a company at the forefront of digital identity technology.

Integration of the sine curves:
The characteristic sine curves from ideate ID's logo have also been incorporated into the web design. These curves are not only a visual element, but also a symbol of the mathematical precision and expertise that the company brings to its work.

Pictorial representations:
An atmospheric image of ideate ID's creative studio gives visitors a sense of the place and the people behind the brand. To further emphasize the mathematical background of the company, we included an image of the Fibonacci spiral in the shape of a shell. This image serves as a visual metaphor for the connection between nature, mathematics and design.

Presentation of services:
When presenting ideate ID's services, our aim was to make them as concise and easy to understand as possible. We wanted to ensure that visitors to the website can quickly and intuitively grasp what solutions and services are offered to them and what they can expect from working with ideate ID.

Overall, we created a web design that reflects ideate ID's brand identity while providing visitors with a clear and intuitive user experience.

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