Freedom Rebels Gin

Freedom Rebels Gin

For FREEDOM REBELS GIN, a brand that stands for attitude, self-confidence and taste, we visualized the iconic bottle in 3D. This high-resolution representation makes it possible to showcase the uniqueness and rebellious image of the gin on social media and in online stores.

The design of the bottle, inspired by the vibrant and constantly moving city of Berlin, reflects the spirit of FREEDOM REBELS GIN. Our 3D visualization not only highlights the fine details of the bottle, but also the brand's message: "It's about attitude. Your attitude. Your confidence. Your taste. You."

With our work, we support FREEDOM REBELS GIN in positioning itself as a brand that stands for quality, uniqueness and rebellion - directly from Berlin, with love.

Freedom Rebels Gin / Berlin Beverages SAG GmbH
3D Visualization, Product visualization