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The development of a website for MUT.Events presented us with a special challenge. It was not just about creating a simple online store, but also a rental shop solution. In contrast to conventional online stores, where products are sold and sent to the customer, we had to ensure that the products were returned after use. Added to this was the complexity of reservations for different events and the need to avoid overlaps.

To meet this challenge, we opted for a combination of Rentman and WooCommerce. Rentman is an advanced rental software developed specifically for the needs of rental companies. By integrating Rentman with WooCommerce, we were able to create an interface that seamlessly integrates the rental process into the online store. Customers can now reserve products for specific periods and the system ensures that there is no overlap with other reservations.

The result is a user-friendly website that makes the rental process simple and transparent for customers. At the same time, it offers the company the necessary flexibility and efficiency to keep operations running smoothly. This project has once again shown how the right combination of technologies can solve complex problems.

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