Cigar Club Berlin - Cigar box & bands

Cigar Club Berlin - Cigar box & bands

We were once again able to demonstrate our creativity for the renowned "Cigar Club Berlin". This time, the focus was on the design of an exclusive cigar box and the corresponding banderoles for three different types of cigars.

The cigar box, designed for the premium cigars rolled especially for the CCB, is not just a storage place, but a statement. It can hold up to 50 cigars and impresses with its dark blue car paint finish with a subtle metallic shimmer. As a special highlight, the box has been sealed with a thick layer of piano lacquer, giving it extra shine and depth. The club logo, carefully CNC negative milled into the wood of the crate, has been filled with a matching metallic counterpart in bronze and brushed aluminum, adding a classy and distinctive touch.

The cigar bands that we designed for the three different types of cigars are small works of art in their own right. Printed with hot stamping foil and blind embossing, they reflect the exclusivity and high quality standards of the club.

To give the customer and the crate builder an understanding of our vision, we visualized the crate in 3D. This gave everyone involved a clear picture of what they could expect and generated a lot of enthusiasm.

This project combines craftsmanship, design and vision to create a total work of art that perfectly represents the uniqueness of the "Cigar Club Berlin".

Cigar Club Berlin
3D Visualization