Carlsberg - Connectable - Interactive Table Concept

Carlsberg - Connectable - Interactive Table Concept

For Carlsberg, we developed an innovative concept for interactive tables with an embedded display for bars. These tables are not only touch-sensitive, but are also able to process multi-touch gestures and object recognition.

Main features:

Object recognition: The table recognizes when a glass or bottle of Carlsberg is placed on it and reacts interactively. This creates a unique experience for the user and promotes brand loyalty.

Community games: From classic games such as ship sinking to modern creations that are a mixture of BeerPong and air field hockey. These games encourage interaction between the guests and create an entertaining atmosphere.

Networked tables: The tables are networked together so that guests can compete against others at different tables. This encourages a competitive spirit and a sense of community in the bar.

Communication from table to table: Guests can start chats or make FaceTime calls from one table to another. This opens up new possibilities for social interaction and can be particularly useful for dating or singles events.

A return to old concepts: The concept is reminiscent of the old cafés where there were telephones at the tables and guests could call from one table to another. We have combined this nostalgic feeling with modern technology to create a unique experience.


This project for Carlsberg shows how modern technology can be used to redesign traditional experiences and offer guests an unforgettable experience. It not only encourages interaction between guests, but also builds brand loyalty for Carlsberg. The concept of interactive tables is a prime example of how technology and creativity can come together to create something unique.

Carlsberg, Sternwald
3D Visualization, Motiondesign, UI/UX Design