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Andreas Schmidt Real Estate - Branding

For Andreas Schmidt, the renowned real estate agent from Magdeburg, it was an honor for us not only to revise his website, but also to redefine his branding. The central element of this rebranding was the development of a new logo based on Andreas Schmidt's personal signature, supplemented by the clear addition of "Immobilien".

This decision to use the signature as the main element of the logo was no coincidence. It adds a personal touch to the branding and underlines Mr. Schmidt's claim: his name stands for quality, fairness and integrity in the real estate business. The logo not only conveys trust and competence, but also emphasizes the individual and personal advice that customers can expect from Andreas Schmidt Immobilien.

With this unique and expressive logo, Andreas Schmidt Immobilien is positioning itself as a brand that stands for authenticity and professionalism - in the heart of Magdeburg and beyond.

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